Getting the Daily Forecast from the OPeNDAP Server

When looking for the latest POAMA forecast files, you would start with this URL which points to the OPeNDAP server page:

The first item available is the "POAMA 2.4 Multiweek Real Time Forecasts"

There are Daily, Weekly, Monthly Datasets. Assuming that you require the Daily Output, there are Model A, Model B, Model C and Multimodel datasets

Within each model (A, B, C), there are:

e00 ->

emn ->

model_clim_1981-2010 ->

Finally, the (NetCDF) files themselves are accessible using the URL (Model A, Ensemble Mean) located on the page:

To get a multimodel anomaly for a daily forecast, you will need to combine all three models and their closest climatology:

Please be aware that the Daily files are quite large (290.4 Mb) and you may want only a couple of variables from this file.

In this case, you may want to consider using Python or NCL to open the file and retrieve the specific fields you require (in the region that you are looking at).

Hopefully this description has been helpful for you in the use of the POAMA data on the OPeNDAP server.