How to Register for a Login and Password

Registered Users

The Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research (CAWCR) will provide a login and password for scientists who want to use POAMA real-time experimental products in their research. In order to obtain a login and password send an email to with your contact details and a paragraph outlining your research project. Researchers acknowledge that they will only use the POAMA products for their research and will not issue these products as a real-time forecasts in any way.
Non-Research Users:
POAMA products on this website are experimental products and are not available in real-time to the general public. However, users who want to trial these experimental products for their particular application may apply to the National Climate Centre for a trial login and password. You can do this by sending an email to outlining your application, how you intend to trial the products, and how you will provide feedback on the products.
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  • Products are updated twice per week, but some products that overlap with Bureau’s official products will only be released when the official product has been released.
  • Some research products are calculated differently to official Bureau products (e.g. based on a different number of ensembles). See each product for more information on how it has been produced.
  • Users acknowledge that all products available on this website are experimental only and do not currently form part of the Bureau's standard services in any way. Access to the products is made available for research or trial purposes only and on the basis that users are fully aware that these products are being tested.

Bureau Internal Access

Bureau employees can request a Bureau password by emailing which will give them full access to all POAMA experimental products as soon as soon as they are produced.
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