Long range Tropical Cyclone Forecasts

Long range tropical cyclone forecasts have been developed using the Bureau of Meteorology's new ensemble-based models. These products use the ACCESS-GE2 Numerical Weather Prediction model to provide guidance for days 4-10, and the ACCESS-S seasonal forecast model for guidance from days 4-28.

Project Data Products

The products are EXPERIMENTAL ONLY and do NOT currently form part of the Bureau's standard services in any way. Access to the products is made available for trial purposes only and on the basis that users are fully aware that these products are being tested and that users will not issue these products as real-time forecasts in any way. The forecast products are subject to the Bureau's copyright and disclaimer.

The following conditions apply:

Feedback Contact: poama@bom.gov.au.
Feedback on the products is encouraged as this will help determine whether they will become fully operational Bureau products and available to all. The Bureau can also use suggestions to help tailor and guide the presentation of a product.

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