POAMA to Applications Workshop

The POAMA to Applications Workshop was conducted on the 29th and 30th November 2012 at the Bureau of Meteorology HQ, 700 Collins Street, Docklands, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Purpose of the Workshop

  1. Inform the applications research community about the new POAMA-2 multi-week/seasonal system (skill, operational configuration, access to hindcasts, etc)
  2. Inform the community about applications research using POAMA
  3. Promote interaction between different applications groups using POAMA.


Day 1: Thursday 29th November

Chair: Oscar Alves
14:00 Welcome and practicalities (Oscar Alves, CAWCR/BoM)
14:05 Opening: Seasonal Prediction Priorities at the Bureau (Rob Vertessy, Director, BoM) Presentation as PDF
14:20 Overview of latest version of POAMA (Oscar Alves, CAWCR/BoM) Presentation as PDF
14:35 Science basis for dynamical seasonal prediction (Harry Hendon, CAWCR/BoM) Presentation as PDF
14:50 Seasonal skill and comparison with other models (Eun-Pa Lim, CAWCR/BoM) Presentation as PDF
15:05 Multi-week prediction, including extremes (Debbie Hudson, CAWCR/BoM) Presentation as PDF
15:20 Predicting MJO (Andrew Marshall, CAWCR/BoM) Presentation as PDF
Chair: Debbie Hudson
16:00 CSIRO priorities for seasonal prediction research (Andrew Ash, CSIRO) Presentation as PDF
16:15 POAMA from a farmers and Climate Champion's perspective (Ian McClelland) Presentation as PDF
16:30 Use of POAMA and coupled models in SA (Melissa Rebbeck, SARDI) Presentation as PDF
16:45 Teleconnections and POAMA (Peter McIntosh, CAWCR/CSIRO) Presentation as PDF
17:00 Marine applications for the Pacific Islands (Elaine Miles/Aurel Griesser, CAWCR/BoM) Presentation as PDF
17:15 Tropical cyclone prediction with POAMA(Kay Shelton, CAWCR/BoM) Presentation as PDF
17:30 POAMA Seasonal Prediction Portal for the Pacific Islands (Andrew Charles, BoM) Presentation as PDF

Day 2: Friday 30th November

Chair: Andrew Marshall
09:00 Overview of ACCESS achievements (Kamal Puri, CAWCR/BoM) Presentation as PDF
09:15 Predictions with the ACCESS version of POAMA (Patricia Okely, CAWCR/BoM) Presentation as PDF
09:30 POAMA and reef management (Roger Beeden, GBRMPA) Presentation as PDF
09:45 Use of POAMA for fisheries (Jason Hartog, CSIRO) Presentation as PDF
10:00 Use of POAMA for Northern Territory applications (Max Gonzalez, BoM) Presentation as PDF
10:15 Predicting the Wet Season Onset (Wasyl Drosdowsky, CAWCR/BoM) Presentation as PDF
Chair: Andrew Watkins
11:00 Use of POAMA in South Australia applications (Darren Ray, BoM) Presentation as PDF
11:15 Merging POAMA with statistical models for hydrological prediction (QJ Wang, CSIRO) Presentation as PDF
11:30 Downscaling for hydrological applications (David Kent, BoM) Presentation as PDF
11:45 POAMA for operational streamflow prediction (Narendra Tuteja, BoM) Presentation as PDF
12:00 POAMA and water management in Victoria (Rae Moran, DSE-VIC) Presentation as PDF
12:15POAMA experimental web-site from a users perspective (Peter McIntosh, CAWCR/CSIRO) Discussion
Chair: Peter McIntosh
13:30 How can POAMA and coupled model forecasts help: A farmers case study (Susan Carn) and Transcript Presentation as PDF and Transcript
13:45POAMA for horticulture (Neil White, Agri-Science Queensland)Not Available
14:00 POAMA for WA farming (Peter McIntosh, CAWCR/CSIRO) Presentation as PDF
14:15 POAMA and Yield Profit (De-Anne Ferrier, BCG) Presentation as PDF
14:30 POAMA for agricultural applications - challenges for those used to more simple analogue years (Peter Hayman, SARDI) Presentation as PDF
Chair: Harry Hendon
15:15POAMA and the sugar industry (Yvette Everingham, JCU)Pending
15:30 MCV Priorities for SP research (Beverley Henry, MCV) Presentation as PDF
15:45 Plans for POAMA on WATL and new SCO (Andrew Watkins, BoM) Presentation as PDF
16:00Plans for operationalising POAMA SCO (David Jones, BoM)As Above
16:15Summary of main points and discussion (Harry Hendon, CAWCR/BoM)Discussion
16:55Closing Comments (Oscar Alves, CAWCR/BoM)