POAMA-2 Files and Structure


This page details the files that are avalable for POAMA-2 and their derivation.

File Types and Description

The following table is a more comprehensive list of the file types that are available on the OPeNDAP Server.

FileSizeDescriptionModel File
da_YYYYMMDD.nc~500 MBDaily Atmosphere file - All variablesYes
dag_YYYYMMDD.nc~126 MB / ~300 MBDaily Atmosphere Global file - Variable subset for 90 days for the Seasonal Output and 270 days for the Multiweek OutputNo
dar_YYYYMMDD.nc~43 MBDaily Atmosphere Regional file - Variable subset for 270 daysNo
IAF_YYYYMMDD.nc<1 MBDeprecated Index Atmosphere FileNo
IAF_sa_YYYYMMDD.nc<1 MBDeprecated Index Atmosphere FileNo
IARFd_YYYYMMDD.nc<1 MBAtmosphere Index Full Daily FileNo
IARFw_YYYYMMDD.nc<1 MBAtmosphere Index Full Weekly FileNo
IARFm_YYYYMMDD.nc<1 MBAtmosphere Index Full Monthly FileNo
ID_YYYYMMDD.nc<1 MBDeprecated Index FileNo
IDF_YYYYMMDD.nc<1 MBDeprecated Index FileNo
IOA_YYYYMMDD.nc<1 MBOcean Index Anomaly File - Soon to be deprecatedNo
IOF_YYYYMMDD.nc<1 MBOcean Index Full File - Soon to be deprecatedNo
IORFd_YYYYMMDD.nc<1 MBOcean Index Full Daily FileNo
IORFw_YYYYMMDD.nc<1 MBOcean Index Full Weekly FileNo
IORFm_YYYYMMDD.nc<1 MBOcean Index Full Monthly FileNo
ma_YYYYMMDD.nc~18 MBMonthly Atmosphere fileYes
ma_4x4al_YYYYMMDD.nc~3 MBDeprecated Quarter grid Monthly Atmosphere fileNo
mn_???YYYYMMDD.nc~116 MBDaily Ocean file sliceYes
oa_YYYYMMDD.nc~96 MBMonthly Ocean fileYes
sa_YYYYMMDD.nc~14 MBDeprecated Seasonal FileNo
wa_YYYYMMDD.nc~16 MBWeekly Atmosphere fileNo
wa2_YYYYMMDD.nc~8 MBFortnightly or Biweekly Atmosphere fileNo

Files Available and their Derivation


File Type

There are four file types that are provided from the model output. These are coloured blue.

For a variety of reasons, the model files are sliced (or hyperslabed) to remove less popular variables and to minimise the time dimension (weekly averages). These are coloured light blue.

Index files are created from defined regions that average a defined area to produce a single number for each region. The index files are coloured light green.


The green arrows are primarily slicing a subset of the model files.

The blue dashed arrows are operations that average time periods, usually weekly.

The red dashed arrows are regional averaging processes.


This is the current state of the POAMA file set.

Short Term Changes

The fla_ file type has redundant information and is there to support some internal file processing. This will be removed.


The monthly file will have the first partial month data removed. This can occur when the processes that use those monthly files are aware that the first month is now the first complete month of the forecast.

The index files will be calculated for all the daily, weekly and monthly file types. There is minimal overhead for these files.

Future Longer Term

The wa2_ file is a two-week average and can easily be derived from the wa_ file. Once all dependants processes have been migrated, this file will be removed.