Risk assessment and design

The hydrometeorological team can provide a range of services to suit your specific needs so you can plan for and mitigate the risk of weather conditions (such as extreme rainfall) impacting on operations or infrastructure. Analyses can inform decision-making, risk assessment and engineering design.

Design rainfall

The Bureau provides design rainfall data in the form of Intensity-Frequency-Duration (IFD) information, which is used in the design of gutters, culverts, bridges and stormwater drains. IFDs can help you explore how significant past rainfall events were, in terms of their historical context.
Details: Intensity-Frequency-Duration

Probable Maximum Precipitation

The Bureau also provides Probable Maximum Precipitation estimates for the design of large dams. Probable Maximum Precipitation estimates can be produced for any catchment in Australia, as well as for locations overseas.
Details: Probable Maximum Precipitation

Customised hydrometeorological services

The hydrometeorological team can also provide a range of customised analyses and services focused on complex analysis of climate data and analysis of extreme rainfall events. Such services have spanned analysis of specific historical weather events, tailored climatologies and information for risk assessment.